This server costs me real money (50$/month | 600$/year) but for you.. it's just free! silly right?
(as usual: donations are highly appreciated while not required)

You will find 2 types of files here:

- ISO files (non-persistent)
- ZIP files (persistent and obviously needed to be extracted before you can use them)

Guide for persistent FWUL:

* The persistent ZIPs REQUIRE at least a 8, 16 or 32 GB USB stick and all data on the stick get lost! If you use a smaller stick it will FAIL. Using a bigger stick will not harm anything though (but the rest of the stick is unusable until re-formatted).

Givin' feedback:

Reports have to be posted in the FWUL thread!!
When you have an issue, please report at least the following:

1. exact version tried (filename or by looking into the file: /etc/fwul_release)
2. For boot issues the boot mode:

- UEFI boot mode (black background only)
- BIOS boot mode (Arch background shown)

3. error messages (if any) either as a screenshot or photo
4. VirtualBox mode or running from an USB or DVD